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Turn your digital channels into FinTech hotspots
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Turn your digital channels into 
​​​​​​​FinTech hotspots

Digital financial services are becoming one of life’s necessities. Digital natives want instant access to their financial information in order to better manage their spending pattern. Ever more services companies are embedding financial services into their digital channels. Offering FinTech services to your mobile apps and other customer-facing channels attracts new customers and provides existing customers with a richer experience in on their customer journey.

Find out how you can make consumers use your digital channels more frequently by adding FinTech services to your app
TrustBuilder and Monizze are the ideal combination to help organizations enrich their customer-facing apps with FinTech functionality:
  • TrustBuilder’s CIAM solution contains all the fundamentals for Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM), security and privacy, including single-sign-on, federated identity and passwordless and adaptive authentication.
  • Monizze pushes the boundaries of extra-legal advantages through its FinTech architecture
Choosing the TrustBuilder-Monizze combination offers you peace of mind: the integration between IAM and FinTech comes pre-tested. The cloud infrastructure ensures maintenance and upgrades happen seamlessly.
Join this webinar and learn how combining Monizze and TrustBuilder helps you attract and retain customers by offering a richer app experience.
Moderated by
  • Robbert Hoeffnagel​​​​​​​

Presentations by
  • Frank Hamerlinck
    CEO at TrustBuilder 
  • Jean-Louis Van Houwe
    CEO at Monizze 
    Chairman of the Board at FinTech Belgium

40 minutes

You can view this webinar from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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