Empowering rich customer journeys with Tranzer

Adding mobility services to your mobile app, securely
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Adding mobility services to your mobile app, securely

The average household spends 10% of their budget on mobility and plans private or professional travel several times a week. By adding mobility services to their mobile or web app, customer-facing organizations offer extra convenience to their customers and thus increase customer engagement. By using a Consumer Identity and Access Management solution to orchestrate security throughout the apps, organizatoins can offer rich customer journeys and assure security and privacy.

Find out how you can make consumers use your app more frequently by adding mobility solutions to your app.

TrustBuilder and Tranzer are the ideal tandem to help organizations enrich their customer-facing apps
  • TrustBuilder’s CIAM solution contains all fundamentals for combining user experience and security when bringing different solutions and service together in a single app
  • Tranzer is the leading European aggregator for public transport ticketing and mobility services
The collaboration between TrustBuilder and Tranzer guarantees organizations that the integration of Tranzer’s mobility services comes pre-tested and can be maintained easily.

By attending this webinar, you will learn how combining Tranzer and TrustBuilder brings extra value to your customers by offering a richer app experience.
Moderated by
  • Robbert Hoeffnagel​​​​​​​

Presentations by
  • Kurt Berghs
    Product Manager at TrustBuilder 
  • Bas Zwart
    Sales Manager at Tranzer

40 minutes

You can view this webinar from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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